Monday, October 17, 2011

Nall's Produce

You guys know I'm all about the fall activities.  There are so many around here, but, as I've mentioned, not all of them are the cheapest, and some can be very, very popular.  Although I'm generally happy to see everyone out and about and enjoying what the area has to offer, the big crowds can sometimes be overwhelming for me, let alone my little 16 month old.  So I'm always on the hunt for free/cheap and out-of-the-way activities to check out.  We found another great one today! 

Nall's Produce is a little farmer's market in Kingstowne that sets up a "pumpkin tunnel" play area...and IT'S FREE!  Very cute.  Chloe and her little buddies who we met there enjoyed the pumpkins, chasing chickens, and putting the gravel from the ground into the little wagons they had around.  It took a good scrub in the tub to get rid of the dirt we brought home, but it was a fun afternoon! 

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