Monday, October 17, 2011

Sparky Says...

Last week was Fire Prevention Week, folks!  You can probably guess what that meant: it was time to check our smoke detectors and head over to the Burke Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department for their open house.  I'm pretty sure they are having these all over in the next few weeks, so definitely check out your local station to see if there's something for the kids to attend!  We went over with our buddy Cate and her mommy Ali, and I think the girls had a pretty fun time!  There was definitely a lot to look at.  There were stations set up around the building with prevention techniques, coloring activities, and even practice "stop drop and roll" and "crawl out of the house" activities.  Outside, there was an ambulance, fire truck, and police car that you could climb into.  LB enjoyed the coloring and the ambulance, she did not enjoy the giant man dressed as Sparky the Fire Dog or sitting in the back of the police car (to which I said, "good girl")! And at the end, each girlie got a fun fire hat (see pics below) which I do believe was a highlight of the day.  I think it was right up there with the chicken nuggets at Wendy's that we had after the visit.  Enjoy some pics from our day!

Picking out a crayon at the coloring station

With the fire truck and her "I visited the fire station" stickers.  She LOVES them!

The girls deciding weather they should go through the tunnel.  Was the door hot?

Fire hats!

Having a blast playing peekabo at Wendy's.  This is one of the first times they have played WITH each other and not just NEXT to each other!  Little friends!

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