Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Carnival

As I mentioned in the post about the homecoming parade, your local high schools can be a great resource for kids' activities.  A lot of clubs/ sports teams will put on events for children as fundraisers throughout the year, and it's especially big around the fall/winter holidays. 

This past weekend, the Woodson Drama Club presented a little Halloween carnival.  It was very cute; all student-run, with activities such as paint-a-pumpkin, meet a princess, duck grab, hula-hooping, and face-painting. And if you're LB, you also enjoy picking up leaves and sticks in the courtyard where the carnival is taking place! You could tell the students worked hard and they were very determined to entertain.  I would expect nothing less from the drama club!  Here's a couple of pics; special thanks to our friend Meghan for coming along!

Checking out the hula hoops

LB painted the hair!

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