Thursday, October 6, 2011

Green Acres is the Place to be...

"Farrrrrrrrrm livin' is the life for me...I just adore the penthouse view...darling I love you but give me Park Avenue?"  Anyone?  Crickets?  No, I definitely know that Green Acres the TV show was before my time, but I was a bit of a Nick at Nite junkie at one time. 

Okay, I digress.  The Trupos were up in Rochester for a couple of weddings recently, and one of our stops with Little Bear was one of my favorite spots growing up, Green Acre Farm and Nursery.  We went over with Grammy, Aunt Marissa, and Uncle Kevin, and Chloe had a great time running around, touching pumpkins, re-organizing gourds, and playing in the hay.  Now that she's walking, she has a blast at these kind of places.  She also had her first taste of apple cider, a big hit, of course!   Green Acres also has the BEST fry-cake donuts on this planet, no contest.  This was another big motivation for going there...once upon a time, Marissa worked as a donut maker here.  I always looked forward to her bringing home those soft, yet crispy sweet little cakes...yum!  Unfortunately, they didn't have any orange frosted ones out that day...but they were yummy, nonetheless.

C'mon guys!

It'll take some time, but I will touch each of these pumpkins!

Oooh, more gourds!

Love Aunt Marissa and Uncle Kevin!

Playing in the hay

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